Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fried Twinkies

No kidding. Fried Twinkies, Fried SPAM, Fried Frog Legs (Tastes Like Chicken!), Fried Oreos...this is what we saw today. We opted for the Shave Ice with the coolest self-serve flavor bar I have ever seen.

We made it to San Diego yesterday. The flight went great. It was so empty we had two rows to ourselves. We've already managed to have breakfast at one of our favorite spots. Then we headed up to Del Mar to the San Diego County Fair. County Fairs - So Cal style...what a treat. I don't think I could go to another county fair with bad weather (by bad I mean humid, hot, nasty, etc.) Wow. The fair is held at the Del Mar race track so we got to see that place, too. George has been there before but I hadn't. We also scored big because today was wrist band day so we managed to do the all-you-can-ride deal until we couldn't take it any more. We rode rides from 11am until 7pm. Will didn't get to ride any but I think he had fun. Watching the kids' faces was the best way to start the vacation. That Olivia sure knows how to enjoy herself.

For those friends of ours back home, we also saw several fish taco stands at the fair. This was a first for us. I don't think they have those at the Williamson County fair. Amongst all the turkey legs, corndogs, funnel cakes, etc., was the Fish Taco stand. Fabulous!!

One more crazy thing...when we finally got to our beach house last night, we were attempting to open our suitcase to make up Will's bed (which he didn't really even sleep in). There was a lock on our bag. Someone had placed a secure lock on our suitcase. We couldn't get it open. It didn't belong to us and we have know idea how it got there. Fortunately we've been coming here long enough that we know a few locals. I went over to their place and asked for their tool box. It didn't take much. How weird is that?

We're hoping to put the relaxation phase into high gear tomorrow. The sand is calling.

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