Friday, July 18, 2008

The tooth is out

The tooth fairy is coming tonight. Olivia lost her tooth at dinner. She bit into her burrito and it really made it loose. Then she wiggled it and wiggled it and it kept bleeding. She couldn't stop. It came out shortly thereafter. Meg was very interested in it but didn't want to touch it. She said it would get "bleed on her fingers." So Olivia said the tooth fairy would bring either a quarter or a penny. George suggested that maybe she would get a Wii game. I hope not.

In other news, I sent Olivia over to the neighbor's house to borrow some sour cream. She HAD to ride her bike instead of walk. Next thing I know, she is riding down the hill of our backyard in a giant circle. Then a few moments later she comes in through the garage door. A few minutes after that she turns around and goes back outside because she forgot the sour cream in her bicycle basket. She is so wild.

For those who didn't believe me about the fried SPAM, here is proof. I forgot to mention the fried Krispy Kreme sandwich, too. Tasty.

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