Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am cool

We went a little crazy today and took off to Bowling Green to a water and amusement park. I am on a total high right now from this little adventure since we aren't typically spontaneous people. I will tell more about that in another post since I simply have to include photos with it. (Picture redneck heaven but so great.) In the meantime, I wanted to share these two little funnies with you that came tonight over dinner after we left the amusement park.

George and I were discussing a good friend of mine who just got a new phone. She got a Blackberry. This is a big deal at our house where we don't text and we don't have a plan for very many minutes. I am secretly wanting to text people and send Tweets (but not necessarily to have 17,000 followers like MckMama) to family and friends with wonderfully fun photos of me and my kids "in the moment" and to be "kind of cool like that." So immediately after I told George this, Olivia SERIOUSLY reached out to pat me lovingly on the back and said, "But Mom, you already are really cool." I can't stop chuckling.

A few moments later when we had finished eating and were having some ice cream. Olivia was just at the end of her dish. She had managed to stay clean up until this point. George and I got annoyed with her because she ALWAYS spills on herself (we secretly call her Pig Pen after the Charlie Brown character). Meg chimes in, "You need to take an eating class." What?

Good night. More fabulous details of our trip to Beech Bend hopefully tomorrow. Let me just tease you by saying that this place purchased the "Sea Dragon" from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch two years ago. It just can't get any cooler.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The day after

I started thinking today about how people choose to spend the "day after vacation." Of course I mean a real, long vacation not like a long weekend or something. If you're fortunate enough to plan (have time for) an extra day back at home before you go back to work, how do you usually spend it and what does that say about you? I don't really have all the answers about this but it is just something I was thinking about.

Today was our "day after vacation" and we didn't really have a plan, per se, about how we'd spend our day. Other than going to church, we hadn't really discussed an agenda. We slept in until 9am thanks to Pacific time ruling our bodies for another day or two. Somehow made it to church and then home for lunch. After that, it was yard work, naps (for Will), and playing (gotta love slip-n-slide). Oh, and laundry. Funny side story, I had so much sand in my washer and dryer I had to run an empty load just to clean it all out! Love that sand. I am sure I will find some in my bed tonight.

Now, what do you think of this? Are we lame for not making it a final fun day? Or are we responsible for taking care of our overgrown front yard? I can't decide.

Another subject I was thinking about...are you a messy cook? I am a messy cook. I wish I wasn't a messy cook but I am. What does that say about a person? Does it say anything at all? Those Food Network chefs make it look so easy. I just wonder how many times they practice a meal before they actually tape the show. Silly.


A few Meg and Olivia quotes that should keep you laughing:

While discussing what she wanted for lunch on the last day at the beach, I asked Meg if she wanted a hot dog. We were going to walk to Sara's Mexican and Gabbiano's but I didn't know if she would just prefer a hot dog (nitrite free of course). She said, "Yes, I want a hot dog but I will walk with you to the places and when I get there I will change my mind." And she did.

Tonight, while discussing "an incident" we had today with some neighbor kids Olivia is describing how things went down. And at one point she says to me, "That's when you're supposed to say, 'Oh, really, that's very interesting.'"


I am going to whisper this part. George has started reading a blog. How great is that? It's BASKETBAWFUL. (And it has a lot of sex in it.) I am sure he'll give me an update tonight. I love it.


This is too deep to go into tonight but I am heartsick for my favorite blogger MckMama. Her precious one, Stellan, is having major heart trouble and is in the hospital. This boy is special. Their family is special and she is an amazing mother. Prayers or being said for them all over the world tonight and that is no exaggeration. That is just the tip of the iceberg on how special they are. God is truly at the center of their lives and they are such a remarkable witness to Him even in times of great fear. This is where it gets really difficult, I think, because it would be so very easy to be discouraged and faithless. That's not to say they aren't human. I said it was too much to go into now (it's late) but here I go. Anyway, please join me and so many others in praying for their sweet, sweet Stellan. God does perform miracles. You only have to read the Bible to know it is true.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ok, I AM sad Michael Jackson is gone

So you can't watch the footage from his rehearsal two days before he died and not think that guy was amazing. Absolutely genius. I heard this interview on XM yesterday with a guy who photographed Michael Jackson throughout the years. It was interesting and you can see many of his images here!

It's all purely selfish, of course. I won't get to see that guy on stage ever. Now, on to the media circus that will be his memorial.