Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Olivia is wild. People who know us well know that this is true. Well, it's not so much that she is wild, she just can't stand to miss out on anything so she is always frantic trying to keep up with the gang. I think this got the better of her last night. She was riding her new bike down our street and bit it hard. Thankfully, our kind neighbor went after her (I didn't even know she was down). George quickly followed in flip flops.

She was pretty banged up. Her knee was a bloody mess and there were bloody spots on other parts of her body as well. This knee of hers has been a bloody mess all summer. It heals and then just before it's about to be all better she trashes it again but that's another story. She also has a giant "strawberry" on her forehead. It really does look like a strawberry. And she is so proud of it. She keeps talking about it and asking me questions about it. I seriously can't wait to send her to summer camp some place in the mountains. The things I am sure she'll get into.

I am so thankful that girl is TOUGH!

She finished her swim team season yesterday. She went out with a big bang. She got two first place ribbons. She also placed in a third event but I can't remember what it was. I am also so proud of her for her commitment to this team. She did so well and never complained. (Well, maybe the last day when she really wanted to be at home with her friends riding her bike.)

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