Sunday, November 16, 2008

What happened to the weekend?

This was a whirlwind weekend. Typically we don't have so much going on but we did this weekend. Olivia had her big performance at school - The Barnyard Moosical. She was Cow #3. She did wonderfully and I hope to add some photo or video soon from the production.

The biggest thing I must mention is the celebration that took place today at our house. George's grandmother (our "Gigi") turned 92 and we had a little birthday party for her. Pretty darn amazing. As I sat there watching the kids singing to her and helping blow out her candles I was just so moved at what a blessing it would be to live 92 years! I can only pray that many of us will be so blessed. What a gift. I will try to post a photo tomorrow. I really need to catch up on some sleep if I want to live to be 92.

Today's post is dedicated to Catherine Francis Bishop Adams (the "matriarch"). Happy Birthday, Gigi!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tom and Jerry

Many of you know that Meg and Olivia were introduced to Tom and Jerry this summer. They absolutely love it and have huge belly laughs whenever they are watching it. Well it has progressed from just enjoying the show to playing "Tom and Jerry" all the time. Meg really loves to play it with me or by herself in her imagination. The other day when we were playing with the neighbors outside, she was running around with a bat playing Tom and Jerry. I was chatting with my neighbor and wasn't paying close attention. Next thing you know, I hear a thud. Meg was hitting her imaginary Jerry who happened to be on the neighbor's car. YIKES! It was hilarious but not really. I made her go to their door (crying and screaming) to apologize.

One other tidbit since I live in Music City. We walked to our favorite little neighborhood restaurant yesterday (City Limits). Meg was yucking it up 'Killin' Time' with none other than Clint and Lisa Black. I love this city.

Monday, November 3, 2008


George and I were in the garage getting ready for him to take Meg to school. She was loaded in her carseat.

We kissed in front of the car. Meg said,

"Awwww. (chuckle chuckle). Dad, did you see that? You guys got married."

Olivia changed to "winter" uniform. Look how grown up she is.