Sunday, July 6, 2008


The girls have gone to sleep at Grandma's beach house. I can't wait to see if Meg will stay. She was so excited. Olivia was mad that Meg got to join in on the fun. She likes having Grandma all to herself.

What a fun day we've had. Although we had to say goodbye to Matz, we enjoyed our visit and look forward to the next time we can catch up.

Will had his first visit to the beach today. It was funny to watch him play with the sand. He loved holding it in his hands. This boy loves to put everything in his mouth. EVERYTHING! He didn't put it in his mouth right away but it made it's way there eventually. He didn't seem to mind it especially when it went with his thumb.

I am just happy tonight. We've laughed a lot today. Will and I napped on the beach. Olivia, Meg and George got water logged. We had Mexican food for dinner and Mr. Frosty for dessert. Life is good.

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