Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not much to say

I really don't have much to say tonight. I suppose that means I shouldn't even be blogging. I did want to mention (because George asked me to) that he was totally grossed out by Olivia's loose, bloody tooth. He was disgusted. It makes no sense whatsoever.

I explained to the girls all about calcium today. I told them about how we need to have healthy bones. I used this as an opportunity to poison their minds about soda. For the longest time, Olivia hated things that were carbonated. She said they were "spicy." Well I am not sure she likes them now or if she says she likes them because Lauren likes them (Lauren is the girl down the street who Olivia thinks is the second coming). But on occasion recently she has mentioned that she likes Diet Coke. We'll you know in our family that is like saying you like Satan. We don't do artificial sweeteners and we don't drink soda. We have some in the fridge for guests but that's it. - I am having trouble staying on point tonight. Back to the calcium...so I was explaining to the girls how soda has things in it that sucks the calcium out of your bones. (This is the general principle -- not sure I have all the details correct but they're little.) So then all afternoon Meg kept telling me stories about bones and calcium and broccoli. Hmm. And she keeps talking like a valley girl saying "like" this and "like" that. We've already managed to make her sound like a 7th grader who can't talk properly.

I clearly don't have much to say tonight so I am going to go iron. George left me with 18 shirts to iron this morning. I think I have completed five. I got fed up when Will kept trying to climb up the ironing board.

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