Friday, August 29, 2008


This is going to be just a bunch of random information.

Lunch Lady update: Olivia thinks it's cool that the Lunch Lady reminds her she is not to get lemonade. Again, I wonder how long this will last.

Olivia came home today looking sick to her stomach. She had to sign the George book she blurts out. I have a vague idea about what the George book is but since we haven't been to open house yet, we don't fully understand the discipline structure. I believe when you have to sign the book, you have been given adequate warnings and still have failed to comply with whatever request has been made about your naughty behavior. I guess it's supposed to be humiliating to have to write your name in this book. I am sure you want to know what she did. Apparently she kept talking to Thomas (whoever he is) during rest time. I am giggling as a write this. She prayed at dinner that she will do better next week. So sweet.

I am totally fascinated by McCain's pick for VP. I know I am going political here. But notice this is in no way an admission of my preference. I am just fascinated. She's got FIVE kids including a four month old baby. I am going to reserve comment here but I am still fascinated. Whatever.

Meg lectured me today about how she wants to be big...grown up...doesn't want me or George to be in charge of her any more. She is through having us brush her teeth for her. I am serious. She has been having an internal battle for quite some time over this growing up bit. She doesn't want to go to school, then she does want to go to school. She's a baby then she's not a baby. She wants to potty train..."I DON'T WANT TO POTTY TRAIN." (She even asks all kinds of other kids, "Are you potty training?") Well shortly after the I am big and you don't need to brush my teeth any more comment, she insists, "I am going to go poop on the potty." Off she goes. "I am going to sit here until it comes out." Well, it finally came out. THANK YOU GOD!!! We flushed a few times and then we turned to the sink and were washing hands (both of us). I turn around and there is Will eating TP out of the toilet (I had put a few little pieces in there that he had unrolled off the roll on the wall.) So it was pretty "clean" as TP in the potty goes. MAN! That is seriously how my days go. I feel like it's a perpetual boxing match.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lunch Lady

Today I met the lunch lady. She just happened to be at my neighbor's house. I told her who I was...she knew Olivia already. She said Olivia bought water today. I told her we wanted her to buy water and not lemonade so I was glad to hear the news. She said she would watch out for her. I didn't mean to sick the Lunch Lady on my kid. It just sort of unfolded.

As an FYI...she didn't look anything like the the Lunch Lady from Adam Sandler's "Sloppy Joe" song.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Student

Here she is on the first day of school. The Seat Fairy has already come to her class and her designated seat has been moved. She now sits between two boys one of whom she says is a "weirdo."

Other news on the school front - she still hasn't figured out that Adams gets you things first. She has been designated special helper all week. She was pumped to in charge of stuff. What else is new?

She also failed her first test - the test her parents gave her. She has a Lunch Card. She can buy stuff there and use her credit. Well, she begged to be able to buy a drink today. I took up for her and we convinced Dad that she should be able to try it out. So we agreed she would buy bottled water today. Well, she came to the car and reported the choices were water, milk, chocolate milk and lemonade. Guess what she chose? Lemonade. Damn it. I suppose I should be glad she told the truth?!!?

Monday, August 18, 2008


I tried to post some photos of The Student but Blogger wasn't working so I am giving up for the night.

I have to share one story from today. I was sitting at the table this morning feeding Will. Meg was sitting to my right coloring some elaborate story. I was saying baby words to ma, ba ba, water, etc. I stopped and Meg says, "Octagon. (Pause) He can learn the word octagon." She never stops coloring. She doesn't even look up from her paper. I felt like I was sitting next to Ruby from Max and Ruby. We'll let you know if his first word is octagon.

Good night.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kindergarten here we come

Today was the day. Olivia had her orientation at SMS. She's officially going to kindergarten. I have to say that her class (25 kids) was a mix of kids in terms of shapes and sizes. I kid you not...there were at least two girls in there that were smaller than Meg. NO LIE!!! They took them off to see their room and see "Curious George" who is their little class mascot or something. Well I am afraid that our Olivia was looking for Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers not Curious George. I hope she isn't bored. Oh well. You never know. I am sure it will work out ok in the end. She was so true to form. They called her name first. This made her so happy. She doesn't realize the importance of the alphabet in situations like these. I didn't have the heart to tell her that she'll probably be first a lot - not because of some stroke of great luck but because her last name starts with the letter A. She'll figure that out one day on her own. She's so grown up. I know she'll have a ball.

She came right home and did her home work which was a small sheet about herself. She just wanted to get it done right away. I wonder how long that enthusiasm with last. Seriously, she was so cute. She's pumped. Kindergarten here we come.

Star struck

I am supposed to be making lunch. Will has an ear infection and has been really grumpy...poor guy. We finally decided today to go ahead w/ antibiotics since it has been four days since this started and he seems to be getting worse and not better. Anyway, he's taking a nap and the others are at church.

I am such a dork. I will come clean about this for those of you who don't know me so well. I bought the People magazine with Brad and Angelina and their new babies. Meg and I were at the store yesterday. I took a sneak peak and then put it back on the rack. Then, I grabbed it again and decided to just waste the money and buy the darn thing. It was so great last night when it was finally quiet in our house. I grabbed that magazine and stared at each photo. Do you want my review? Here it goes. I loved it!!! The photos were fantastic, the babies are amazing (as all babies are) and the Q&A were fun. Angelina actually looks kind of tired in one of the pictures. I can't believe I am writing about all of this. You probably won't find me talking too much about Barack Obama, John McCain or John Edwards (and his affair - scuz ball) in this blog, but there's alway time for a little star gazing. I don't care what you say. They are a beautiful family. I hope they adopt/have more.

If you're a neighbor (i.e., Gina) and you want to borrow the magazine, just let me know.