Monday, June 30, 2008


I'm not loose. I never have been. But Olivia's tooth is. Her first one and it's so much fun. She is ready to burst with excitement. I think she probably fell asleep last night wiggling her tooth. We're all out of apples because she's trying to loosen it even more. (No, really, we're out of apples because our kitchen is closing for 10 days as we head to Diego although she did try to use one of our remaining apples.)

I don't like loose teeth. In fact Sydney from down the street tried to show me her gnarly loose tooth the other day and I told her she had the wrong person. I told her she needed to see George when he came home from work.

We're going to hook up with my long lost pal Matz in Diego on Saturday. This is a treat. I hope she shows me some photos of the alleged trip she took to Africa.

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