Friday, August 29, 2008


This is going to be just a bunch of random information.

Lunch Lady update: Olivia thinks it's cool that the Lunch Lady reminds her she is not to get lemonade. Again, I wonder how long this will last.

Olivia came home today looking sick to her stomach. She had to sign the George book she blurts out. I have a vague idea about what the George book is but since we haven't been to open house yet, we don't fully understand the discipline structure. I believe when you have to sign the book, you have been given adequate warnings and still have failed to comply with whatever request has been made about your naughty behavior. I guess it's supposed to be humiliating to have to write your name in this book. I am sure you want to know what she did. Apparently she kept talking to Thomas (whoever he is) during rest time. I am giggling as a write this. She prayed at dinner that she will do better next week. So sweet.

I am totally fascinated by McCain's pick for VP. I know I am going political here. But notice this is in no way an admission of my preference. I am just fascinated. She's got FIVE kids including a four month old baby. I am going to reserve comment here but I am still fascinated. Whatever.

Meg lectured me today about how she wants to be big...grown up...doesn't want me or George to be in charge of her any more. She is through having us brush her teeth for her. I am serious. She has been having an internal battle for quite some time over this growing up bit. She doesn't want to go to school, then she does want to go to school. She's a baby then she's not a baby. She wants to potty train..."I DON'T WANT TO POTTY TRAIN." (She even asks all kinds of other kids, "Are you potty training?") Well shortly after the I am big and you don't need to brush my teeth any more comment, she insists, "I am going to go poop on the potty." Off she goes. "I am going to sit here until it comes out." Well, it finally came out. THANK YOU GOD!!! We flushed a few times and then we turned to the sink and were washing hands (both of us). I turn around and there is Will eating TP out of the toilet (I had put a few little pieces in there that he had unrolled off the roll on the wall.) So it was pretty "clean" as TP in the potty goes. MAN! That is seriously how my days go. I feel like it's a perpetual boxing match.

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