Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kindergarten here we come

Today was the day. Olivia had her orientation at SMS. She's officially going to kindergarten. I have to say that her class (25 kids) was a mix of kids in terms of shapes and sizes. I kid you not...there were at least two girls in there that were smaller than Meg. NO LIE!!! They took them off to see their room and see "Curious George" who is their little class mascot or something. Well I am afraid that our Olivia was looking for Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers not Curious George. I hope she isn't bored. Oh well. You never know. I am sure it will work out ok in the end. She was so true to form. They called her name first. This made her so happy. She doesn't realize the importance of the alphabet in situations like these. I didn't have the heart to tell her that she'll probably be first a lot - not because of some stroke of great luck but because her last name starts with the letter A. She'll figure that out one day on her own. She's so grown up. I know she'll have a ball.

She came right home and did her home work which was a small sheet about herself. She just wanted to get it done right away. I wonder how long that enthusiasm with last. Seriously, she was so cute. She's pumped. Kindergarten here we come.

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