Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Student

Here she is on the first day of school. The Seat Fairy has already come to her class and her designated seat has been moved. She now sits between two boys one of whom she says is a "weirdo."

Other news on the school front - she still hasn't figured out that Adams gets you things first. She has been designated special helper all week. She was pumped to in charge of stuff. What else is new?

She also failed her first test - the test her parents gave her. She has a Lunch Card. She can buy stuff there and use her credit. Well, she begged to be able to buy a drink today. I took up for her and we convinced Dad that she should be able to try it out. So we agreed she would buy bottled water today. Well, she came to the car and reported the choices were water, milk, chocolate milk and lemonade. Guess what she chose? Lemonade. Damn it. I suppose I should be glad she told the truth?!!?

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