Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just another day

I had to laugh the other day when Olivia opened her backpack to show me the books she got at the library. They love going to the library at school and picking out their books. Here is what she came home with:

I hate to even think of her as a tween (I don't think she is technically a tween) but she sure acts like it. She is so grown up and likes big kid stuff. I am hopeful that we will share lots of musical memories in the years to come. She loves music much like George and I love music. If you turn on the IPod, it immediately changes our moods. Dance parties are a must around here at dinner time. The biggest challenge is deciding on what we should listen to! She is obviously the most picky. Will and Meg are happy to sing the Vacation Bible School songs (The Journey Agains, or "Turn on Gwee, mama" as Will says). My musical tastes are vast so it all works for me (except for Rush which Georges LOVES and I think is Satan music). What are you listening to right now?

Regardless of what is on the radio, I love that my daughter still proudly comes home with a book about Jesus and a book about Carrie Underwood. Maybe our first concert together will be Carrie Underwood. She's pretty clean, right?

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