Sunday, December 20, 2009

Turkeys and birthday

We've been in the thick of it here and really it's all good. Thanksgiving seems like ages ago! We had our first ever fried turkey courtesy Allen and Ed Cox (Come to think of it, it was our first ever Thanksgiving, period. We've never hosted before!). They took care of it in our driveway. They needed some extra stuff added to their Cokes so they could keep warm outside if you know what I mean! There were no accidents, burnings or fires and the turkey was delish. George's godmother, Sally, also brought a roasted turkey for those who prefer the more traditional flavor. We hosted 23 people at our house and temporarily turned it into Bistro 6336. All I can say from the group photo is that we desperately need to get something on our walls. Ack. What boring, plain walls we have. I need to get to the next Nashville Art Crawl asap.

Thanksgiving was immediately followed by our sweet boy's second birthday. Yes, he's two. I can't stand it and I still treat him like the baby that he is. He still sort of talks like one although he's trying so hard each day to say words. Many of them sound the same but he is trying and the immediate family can translate so that counts for something. He's the sweetest boy on the planet I am sure. He loves him "mama" and adores his "dada." He is becoming well versed on who has a "pee pee" and who doesn't. We go over each person's genitalia each time he gets his diaper changed. I use the correct anatomical name for each part and he asks if Meg has one and so on down the line of all the members of our family. He is very happy to be hanging around the house but also enjoys going in the "ca." He really loves looking at "cuckcucks" (trucks) and choo choos. He could stand around doing that all day. He also LOVES playing hide and seek and will sit still and unusually quiet for long periods of time waiting to be found. Once he's found, he says, "mo, mo." His biggest sister is like his other mommy and Meg loves him dearly but also drives him bananas. Go figure. We are so thankful that God gave him to us and can't imagine not having his around to keep us on our toes.

I know this post is really late and Christmas has already occurred. I will work on that next. Enjoy this for now!

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