Saturday, February 13, 2010

Southern voice

I had planned to start this post out all high and mighty. You know something like, "Ok, you asked for an update and here you have it and even though I would really rather be lying in my bed I am doing this just for you my dear readers..." and then I realized that would be really lame because after all it' has been months since I posted anything. So I suppose I will just start it as I should. Tonight was fantastic and I am on a high of family happiness. We just got home from a Family Valentine Dance which was not only fun for our family but also for a good cause. Double whammy.

The kids danced and danced. Meg was planning her wedding to Patrick all night and Olivia and George did a lot of sweating and grooving. (They are Adams after all.)

Where to start. I left off at Will's birthday and Thanksgiving. Christmas followed and George's annual trip to Haiti has passed as well. We had the great snow of 2010 and Meg turned FIVE. Eeek. Crazy how fast time goes and I really don't like it. Perhaps that is why I can't bear to get Will's hair cut.

Meg was an angel in her Christmas Pageant. She sang her heart out and wore socks and a turtleneck just like she was supposed to. That was the miracle of Christmas right there.

Christmas morning was fantastic. Will was content to eat the gobs of candy he found all over the place. These photos are proof that this is what he did most of the time until .....

he opened this beauty. After the beloved Garbage Truck was discovered, Christmas was complete. He really didn't need one more item.

George turned 37 and we had a chance to break in the new "Big Top Cupcake" which was Meg's garbage truck equivalent. She saw it on TV and had to have it. Grandma A got it for her and Meg was thrilled. We made dad a snowball cupcake (this was not per plan; this was because I messed up).

And I am sure all of you enjoy birthdays without pants on.

We headed to Chattanooga for a family vacation the day before New Year's Eve. This was our first night in the hotel. And you'll have to wait to catch up on the next month and a half because I am going to bed.

OH....and I am officially turning into a Southern Girl (sort of) because this song is kickin. Listen to it. ">

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•kVa• said...

I know exactly how you feel about keeping up. Sometimes you're really on top of it, next you realize months have gone by with nothing. :) Luckily I'm not super picky about the timing of your updates!