Thursday, December 10, 2009

Share International, Inc.

I wanted to share some information about an organization that my friend has started. It is a Christian organization that provides sponsorship for children and adults for educational purposes in Turkanaland, Kenya.

That is the mission in a nutshell but they also sponsor foster children and offer micro-loans to parents of children in their sponsorship program. My friend Emily has been there many times and is such an inspiration. We have sponsored several children for a few years and I often feel like this is one of the best places to spend money that could possibly exist. You receive letters and photographs about the children and also have the opportunity to send a "care package" each year. I thought it would be nice to mention this especially this time of year when we are often thinking about others and what we can do for them.

If you're not interested in sponsoring a child, the photographs alone are amazing.


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