Sunday, November 16, 2008

What happened to the weekend?

This was a whirlwind weekend. Typically we don't have so much going on but we did this weekend. Olivia had her big performance at school - The Barnyard Moosical. She was Cow #3. She did wonderfully and I hope to add some photo or video soon from the production.

The biggest thing I must mention is the celebration that took place today at our house. George's grandmother (our "Gigi") turned 92 and we had a little birthday party for her. Pretty darn amazing. As I sat there watching the kids singing to her and helping blow out her candles I was just so moved at what a blessing it would be to live 92 years! I can only pray that many of us will be so blessed. What a gift. I will try to post a photo tomorrow. I really need to catch up on some sleep if I want to live to be 92.

Today's post is dedicated to Catherine Francis Bishop Adams (the "matriarch"). Happy Birthday, Gigi!

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Gramma Vee said...

A gift it is, as is each day.
Nov. 16th was also my mom's birthday. She's gone now and I spent the day thinking so much about how much I miss her and how precious those days I spent with her were. I took a quail block to the cemetery. She loved quail. The sunset was beautiful and the quail and rabbits were starting to stir just as I was leaving. Mom would have been 87. She was blessed to live a long and mostly healthy life.

I'm sure Gigi was delighted, to have that moment. I know she is so proud of her family, rightfully so. Happy Birthday Gigi! Thank you Jamie for showing your own mom that you have learned how to be a good person to the elderly. Tender hearted people are hard to find these days. Your tenderness is exhibited by your actions and your comments. I've always loved that about you.

Speaking of age.... I bought a refrigerator magnet yesterday. I never bought a fridge magnet for myself before. I'm not sure where the dozens on my fridge came from. I've had my eye on this one for sometime. It was on a post by the check out at Duck and Decanter lunch spot in Phx. It reads: "I Intend to Live far so good."
I hope at 92 the good Lord allows me to look at my magnet and remember this moment...writing in a blog for the first time...celebrating LIFE, the people in our lives and the joy of my family.