Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We're getting new rooms

We're moving out on Tuesday to an apartment to begin some home renovations. We are so excited and eager to get started. We are really lucky to be able to do all of these things to our home and know that we will enjoy them tremendously. I just can't quite tell how much the kids understand. We've told them we're moving out temporarily. I hope the excitement lasts for the time it takes for the work to be completed. PRAY that it does...because I need all the help I can get. Olivia is most worried that people won't know how to reach her. So...if you intend to have a play date with Olivia, please be sure you know where to find her so she doesn't freak out. Meg just keeps saying that we're getting new rooms.

Most of the great stories have gotten a bit lost lately. The best one I can think of right now is a conversation that took place between Meg and Olivia regarding Will. Will was doing something (exactly what I can't recall) that caused Meg to announce, "Ahh, he wants to kiss my face." No sooner had Meg leaned in for a kiss when Olivia followed with, "No, he wants to kick you in the face." Olivia was mad at her (probably for talking too much) and so this is what she had to offer to her sister who was enjoying a sweet moment with her brother.

Will turns one this week. I am in denial. I continue to treat him as though he is a little baby even though there are constantly glimpses of how grown up he really is. He's starting to demonstrate that he knows exactly what I am saying ("No, sit down on your bottom, Will," and then he sits). That's too much for me to handle. He can't grow up. He TOTALLY understands the word no and still obeys for the time being! And the funniest thing he does right now is the freeze move when you're about to put on his shirt. He squints his eyes and freezes in this funny position like he knows his head is about to be squished by this piece of clothing. I will have to try to get it on video because it's so funny. I am fairly certain he does it out of anxiety not out of a spirit of cooperation. Hee hee. He has certainly taken a new place in the family now that he walks. He commands more attention and is included more deliberately in the goings on. Olivia is so fond of him and just can't stop loving on him. Meg loves him, too, in a football tackling sort of way.

The other night, in preparation for Advent, I was attempting to lead the family in an exercise of writing down the 24 gifts that Jesus has given us this past year. What a sight. I have the list and I will have to save it. Olivia was our scribe. We didn't get to 24 and the exercise ended with me looking at George and saying, "I guess they aren't old enough yet for this sort of thing." It went pretty well but maybe I should have just aimed for the 12 days of Christmas instead (shorter) and said the 12 gifts of Jesus. Maybe some of this is starting to sink in because tonight Meg had baby Jesus in bed with her and she was Mary. Something must be sticking. Jesus is the reason for the season!! AMEN! I'll keep trying.

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