Friday, November 7, 2008

Tom and Jerry

Many of you know that Meg and Olivia were introduced to Tom and Jerry this summer. They absolutely love it and have huge belly laughs whenever they are watching it. Well it has progressed from just enjoying the show to playing "Tom and Jerry" all the time. Meg really loves to play it with me or by herself in her imagination. The other day when we were playing with the neighbors outside, she was running around with a bat playing Tom and Jerry. I was chatting with my neighbor and wasn't paying close attention. Next thing you know, I hear a thud. Meg was hitting her imaginary Jerry who happened to be on the neighbor's car. YIKES! It was hilarious but not really. I made her go to their door (crying and screaming) to apologize.

One other tidbit since I live in Music City. We walked to our favorite little neighborhood restaurant yesterday (City Limits). Meg was yucking it up 'Killin' Time' with none other than Clint and Lisa Black. I love this city.

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