Friday, November 4, 2011

End of summer and fall break has come and gone

I will add more to this post...this is just the beginning. So much stuff to share!

I have never seen anything so sweet as my son's love for this kitten. He was so rough on this kitten but the kitten didn't leave his side. The kitten also made him sit still! REALLY! He was snuggling the kitten outside our cabin and my son doesn't usually sit still for much of anything.

He wasn't so fond of the sheep!

Notice the cat near the fire. He was just having a ball "fathering" this kitten.

Meg with her horse. She liked grooming the horse. Both Olivia and Meg really took to their jobs at the ranch. Olivia would have moved in, I think. Maybe horse camp is in her future.

Will headed to preschool on the first day.

The first day of school obligatory photos!

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