Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am cool

We went a little crazy today and took off to Bowling Green to a water and amusement park. I am on a total high right now from this little adventure since we aren't typically spontaneous people. I will tell more about that in another post since I simply have to include photos with it. (Picture redneck heaven but so great.) In the meantime, I wanted to share these two little funnies with you that came tonight over dinner after we left the amusement park.

George and I were discussing a good friend of mine who just got a new phone. She got a Blackberry. This is a big deal at our house where we don't text and we don't have a plan for very many minutes. I am secretly wanting to text people and send Tweets (but not necessarily to have 17,000 followers like MckMama) to family and friends with wonderfully fun photos of me and my kids "in the moment" and to be "kind of cool like that." So immediately after I told George this, Olivia SERIOUSLY reached out to pat me lovingly on the back and said, "But Mom, you already are really cool." I can't stop chuckling.

A few moments later when we had finished eating and were having some ice cream. Olivia was just at the end of her dish. She had managed to stay clean up until this point. George and I got annoyed with her because she ALWAYS spills on herself (we secretly call her Pig Pen after the Charlie Brown character). Meg chimes in, "You need to take an eating class." What?

Good night. More fabulous details of our trip to Beech Bend hopefully tomorrow. Let me just tease you by saying that this place purchased the "Sea Dragon" from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch two years ago. It just can't get any cooler.

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