Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday

Olivia turned seven on Wednesday. My daugter chose to bring homemade chocolate covered strawberries for her classmates. Gotta love it. It was an extra special day because it was also "Muffins for Mom" day for her class. They sang to us and read little tidbits about their moms into a microphone. It was so awesome. No tears were shed (ha ha). I also ate lunch with her at school. That was fun and surprisingly not as loud as usual. But really the lunch visit mostly consisted of us parading all around school handing out the strawberries to all her teachers and the administration. She loved it. Happy birthday, Olivia!!!


Meg says to George the other day, "Is four a lot?"

George: "Well, that depends. If you have four ice cream cones, well that's a lot. But if you have four blueberries, that's not very many."

Meg: "I couldn't have four ice cream cones. I would need two more hands. Unless I was an octopus."


We're getting to move back in our house next Friday. I am excited on so many levels. I am incredibly excited to live in this amazing "new" place. I am also incredibly excited to:

1. stop schlepping groceries, trash, recycling, baby junk, children up two flights of stairs.

2. stop cooking in a tiny kitchen

3. stop sleeping in the rental bed we have which I believe has caused me MAJOR back pain.

4. stop answering the kids when they ask which house I am talking about. OUR REAL HOUSE!!!

This list really could go on and on. There are a few things I will miss. The nice maintenance manager downstairs (and his wife and daughter) are expecting a baby in July. The mother's water broke too early and she's in the hospital. I don't know them well but I will have a hard time not knowing what the outcome is. I will have to stop by the office at some point to check in on them. In the meantime, I will just have to pray for them. I will also wonder about that the kids we've met who live here. There a quite a few of them. They are nice kids and have played well with mine over the last few months. It's just sort of weird walking away but I've never really met their parents and my kids haven't become such good friends with these kiddos that we'd really arrange play dates.

We've made it through. It wasn't that hard, really. It was only in the last few weeks that I have become a bit grouchy with the whole situation. But now it's almost over and the excitement is overwhelming.

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Just read on MckMamas Blog that your hubby does missionary work in Haiti. I would love to hear more, my late husband did that too.

Stop by my blog and follow our journey.