Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saw Rock City

It's high time I got rid of the cheesy Chuck E. Cheese post. So much has happened since then. Meg turned FOUR! We took a family vacation to Chattanooga. Our construction continues full speed ahead. Blah blah blah.

Meg turned four on Feb. 7th. She decided to ring in the fours with increased attitude particularly at school. This note came home last week.

While I am worried about this, I also think it will be funny to look back and see this someday (right?!!?). She is learning a lot from her sister (YIKES!). And as I told someone recently, never fought with her in the "terrible twos" and very little in the threes. She is now starting to figure out what she can and can't get away with. This girl is smart. She had a fabulous birthday. She was just a bit disappointed that they didn't have any free time at the gym. She had breakfast in bed,

fun in the foam block pit and hanging with all of her buddies.

Our trip to Chattanooga was fantastic. Getting away from laundry, cooking, taxi service is a real treat. We really enjoyed ourselves and Chattanooga is a great family town. For those of you who've traveled the open road and seen the See Rock City signs all over the place you'll know what I am talking about. We made it there on our third day in Chattanooga. It was cute, fairly commercial and OUTDOORS (mostly). We were lucky in that it wasn't very crowded. I think if the crowds had been there, the charm would have disappeared completely. Olivia wanted to do it again after we were finished and Meg's favorite part was the nursery rhymes and fairy tales at the end. Will just loved running around like a mad man (as usual).

George is heading to Haiti tomorrow. It should be an interesting nine days. I love that he goes to Haiti. I am completely on board with this being part of our family life. However, I won't lie and say that this next nine days will be a party at our house! I constantly pray for patience at the end of each day and I so look forward to him walking through the door each night even if it's just for an hour or two before he heads off to tennis or a meeting. I have told many people that I am so thankful he doesn't travel for work because I wouldn't be a very good mom if that was the case. Wives who do that week in and week out are truly amazing to me. If there is some magic formula to keeping your cool after 5pm until bedtime, please email me ASAP! The other bummer about this trip is that apparently the satellite is down in the mountains of Gobert, Haiti so we most likely won't be receiving our nightly emails from the comedian himself. There is usually an email to our family and then a group email (written by George) is sent out and is usually shared with our church. That, I think, will make it a little more difficult than usual. Of course, I have always been completely shocked that we could even get an email from him while he's there seeing as it usually requires a generator and some kind of satellite to make it all happen. We had joked about possibly Skyping this year but I guess that is out of the question. Please pray for him and all the people he travels with. Pray for the pilots of their airplanes. Please pray for the people of Gobert who have so very little but fortunately for them, a very strong faith. Let them feel the care and love of the people in the U.S. who support this trip.

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