Thursday, September 11, 2008


Tonight I got takeout from Loveless. I told George I was practicing for when we demo our kitchen. I just haven't made it to the grocery store like I wanted (I did tonight after the kids were in bed). We got meat and veggies from Loveless and they give you some of their famous biscuits. So after we made Meg eat her "colesloff" and whatever other "veggies" she had on her plate (veggies is in quotes because it was in the form of a casserole or something), she said to me, "Can you pass me a biscuit my friend?" That started the ball rolling. We were all spitting out our food in laughter (except Olivia). This brings me to the next part of the story. So Olivia was yelling at us. She was all stressed out and "didn't want to talk about it" and then she kept yelling please don't talk about the biscuits. I don't like biscuits. I can't stand hearing about the biscuits. We kept trying to calm her down. She wanted to tell us why she was so stressed out. It had something to do with a secret fairy bedroom that she had made w/ the neighborhood girls yesterday (I think?). Apparently the keeper of the bedroom was limiting access to the bedroom today. This was upsetting Olivia. We were all talking over each other and she finally starts yelling how we are all rude and won't stop talking. She singled each one of us out. Meg ALWAYS talks. Meg, you never stop talking. And you and mom don't stop talking. "And you, William. You're the only quiet one which is why I actually like you." I about lost it. She was dead serious. She is so damn funny. And there he is...covered in green beans, squash casserole, corn, and sweet potatoes looking as cute as ever.

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