Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Camping with the Baughers

We went camping with our dear friends the Baughers. It was a monumental weekend for several reasons. We successfully survived a torrential thunderstorm on the first night with very little water seeping into our tent! I commend my Eagle Scout husband for sealing our tent properly and rigging up the most elaborate tarp system to cover the tent with something more substantial than our rain fly! It worked!!! Truth be told, I actually missed all the action that night. Meg and I had stayed back in Nashville the first night so she could attend a party for her friend. We joined them Saturday for the next big event which was our kids' first ever boating extravaganza. We rented a boat and inter tube so they could go tubing on the lake. All of them loved it! They loved getting in the lake (yuck!) and tubing. They are ready for more. Finally, Meg caught her first fish. She did it pretty much on her own as we were all trying to untangle all of our other rods and weren't really supervising her. She must have a gift! We love the Baughers so much and wish we could spend more time with them. They live in Louisville and we try to get together regularly and camping is the most fun even when they don't bring their dog.
Will's fossil!

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