Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to school

Our first day of school was last week. Meg was excited and a little nervous I think. She did well. Mom, on the other hand, is a little freaked out. More on that later. I will let some photos tell the story.

I usually take these photos outside with the flowers and trees but it has been so hot and humid here that the lense on my camera kept fogging up so it didn't work this time. That was a bummer.

Does this one look too much like a mug shot?

The infamous Mrs. McKinley

Olivia also had Mrs. Proctor in Kindergarten.

Look at my new pencil, Mom.

"I am all ready now, Mom. I have my new pencil behind my ear."

At her seat (alternately titled don't look at my chest)

Hugging goodbye (alternately titled thank God she covered her chest)

Notice Olivia's face at the end of the first day....this isn't the swimming pool is it?

Mom at lunch after the first day

Dad at lunch after the first day

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