Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On my honor

I was going to the bathroom this evening and could overhear Olivia in the other room practicing the Girl Scout Promise. It was possibly the cutest thing I had heard all day. And trust me, I had my fair share of opportunities to hear kids say cute things. We ran a mini-daycare today at our house, helping out some friends today who needed help with kid watching.

Olivia has joined the Girl Scouts. She is officially a "Daisy," which is what you are if you're in kindergarten or first grade. She begged and begged to do this. I admit, I was very reluctant and not too jazzed about the idea. If you know me, I don't like to be too scheduled or committed, especially if it involves time driving around in a car after school. I prefer for my kids to be playing outside after school doing whatever they heck they feel like doing. But I couldn't ignore the repeated requests to join and since they'll meet only once a month on a Sunday after church, it really isn't a big ordeal (right?). So far, it's been great. She is really excited and takes it so seriously. I mentioned to her that I was a Girl Scout once. I don't remember how long I was one or when but I was. I told her I probably had the sash still with by badges and pins. She begged me to find it and I did! That was a trip.

October has flown by. The highlight of course was my sister and Max's delightful wedding. So beautiful and sweet. The photos just make me smile for so many reasons. Hopefully, there will be more photos up soon from the "official" photographer. You can never have enough pictures!

We also celebrated Halloween in true Adams style with a gigantic party the night before the real holiday. It was new and improved this year since we moved it to our church's fellowship hall in anticipation of serious rain and we were wise to do so! It rained like crazy.

Trick or treating was the best as always. Will had no idea what was going on at first but played along with the costume idea since everyone else was doing it. Then when he realized what was happening at every doorstep, he quickly got on board. He couldn't run fast enough to get up there and try to take piles of candy from the friendly neighbors. (And I mean he couldn't run fast enough. He kept falling flat on his face in the grass.) He loves candy and loved getting it for no apparent reason. Most of you know he's not a boy who talks a lot but did he ever learn how to say "candy." Enjoy a few shots of our big night.

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