Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Mama mama mama mama (Mommy)

Shhhz (shoes)

Schshcshc (snake sound)

Pppupp (poop)

NaNa NaNa (every other word)

This is Will's vocabulary right now.

He's also really into this lately, too.


Been keeping busy with all things child and house remodel related. Oddly enough, God has decided to inspire me using blogs (and the families these blogs are about). Who would have thought that is how it would work but He always has a plan. I have often thought about how transformational technology has been during my lifetime but now it's Transformational. Ha. These blogs and some things I am doing differently as a result of more prayer and more prayer and more prayer are proving quite fruitful for me (hopefully my family would say the same thing!).

This is a great song!

Check it out.

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