Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Office

This is so overdue. It must, however, be short. I promised myself I would be in bed by 10pm tonight since I can't seem to kick this nasty cold that I have. Gotta get some sleep.

1. Gina and Max are engaged. Be sure to catch it on You Tube (adamsnashvegas) or on my Facebook page. It was amazing and I am so thankful to have been there to witness it first hand.

2. Who feels as depressed as I do that these idiots are our only choices for President. If any of us ran our households the way these idiots run our country, we'd be in prison and/or bankrupt. Oh, excuse me, that's where the country is headed.

3. We spent a fabulous week in AZ and CA. Dave and Katie are married and it was one of the best wedding receptions I have been to in ages. Scott and Andrea Slezak are up there in terms of fun receptions but this was so fun, too. What a great time. The cute little couple even called from Spain on their honeymoon. I love them. Disneyland was wonderful but too hot and too crowded. I can say that Meg shook her booty at several princesses up close and personal. Not kidding. Olivia and I enjoyed a "private" party with Miley Cyrus for her Sweet 16. I still love her music although it really pissed me off how half-naked she was. I hope Olivia didn't notice.

4. Meg had to go to "The Office" on Wednesday at her preschool. She was stomping her foot at her teacher and wouldn't follow directions. The director (who we know well) said she almost couldn't help but laugh at her when she came to the office because she kept talking and talking and shook her booty at her. I think she is like Will. She knows what people like to hear. Needless to say, she is on major sass watch right now. That child better get good reports tomorrow or she will never see Tom and Jerry or Toy Story AGAIN!

5. Crap. It's 9:57pm. Gotta go.

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